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This section will hopefully answer any questions you have about Verified Inc.. If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Do we have to replace our account opening or identity verification system?

No. Verified Inc. can sit on top of your existing account onboarding system, allowing you to continue to use any KYC or identity verification provider you like.

Are there setup steps for users?

No, for users everything works automatically, behind the scenes. When you set up Verified Inc. you opt to create credentials for existing or new users - either way it is a button click for the user. With that button click they will have all the convenience of instant onboarding Verified Inc. provides without having to do anything further. Additionally your business stands to gain the long term benefit of increased revenue every time the user leverages their credentials from you.

What if a user loses their phone or access to their email?

Not a problem. The user's credentials are securely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved via email or phone verification on any device upon authentication in any browser to our wallet.

Can Verified Inc. be used as a means of authentication?

Yes. Verified Inc. can sit on top of your existing account authorization system, facilitating a gradual transition away from passwords. You don’t have to eliminate them right away, or ever if you prefer.

We recommend first using Verified Inc. as a second step in the authentication process, on top of your existing account system. Then, you can gradually replace that system entirely to fully eliminate passwords and remove the weak link.

Even though this use case is viable, please reach out for more detailed information as we are no longer publicly promoting this use case.