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Hooli Partner Demo

The open source Hooli partner demo demonstrates an example implementation of issuing partner Verified Inc. digital identity cards to share with a specific partner. It is an application for a fictional customer, Hooli, which uses Verified Inc. to issue reusable

A credential is a collection of data about a person. It's issued by a company and can be requested by other network participants, gated by the user's consent.
Example: ACME Lending issues a KYC verification credential to Richard (an ACME user). This includes Richard's contact information and account numbers, as well as a level of confidence in the accuracy of the data.
Components: A company issues credentials following the steps in the Issuance Guide.
credentials to its users and share them with another fictional customer, Kredita.

Additional information on how to issue credentials with a partner can be found in the Partner Issuance guide.

Web Demo

The live Hooli web application demo can be found here. Its open source code can be found on Github.

Feel free to use a real email address that you control, or our test account, You can enter any value in the password field. If you used a real email address, we will send you a one-time password to authenticate to the wallet. If you used the test account, your OTP is 111111.